How We Help.

Posting content is easy. Engaging audiences? That’s hard. We bridge the gaps between Big Ideas, your corporate strategy and the content that brings it all to life.

  • Thought Leadership Research
  • Executive Communications
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Startup Communications

The marketplace of ideas presents opportunities for thought leadership. What issues resonate with your audiences? What point of view can you bring to an established issue that makes a difference? We can take your corporate vision, strategy and technology roadmap and turn it into a set of issues and positions that will inform your thought leadership campaigns, executive communications and other corporate communications activities. We can also turn the same lens to your competitors and reverse engineer their plans so you can understand what they are trying to accomplish.

Senior leaders in any organization are expected to be good communicators today, whether they are speaking on a keynote stage or writing on the corporate blog. We have developed speeches for the big stage at the Consumer Electronics Show and for internal strategy sessions at Fortune 500 companies. We can take the building blocks you have to work with and construct THE BIG IDEA around them. We can do the same thing for blogs, contributed articles for online publications and high profile Op-Ed pieces. Our approach involves audience analysis, imagination, the discipline of constructing a persuasive argument and the vanishing art of storytelling.

Publishing is easy today. Counting clicks is easy. Creating engagement? Not so much. Establishing a trusted voice with compelling content? Ditto. The key to compelling content is aligning ideas with your strategy and applying storytelling techniques and data to create a thoughtful argument. Some issues are evergreen, like “ease of use” and some are unique to situations or technology transitions. We write some of our clients’ highest-performing content.

New companies face a particularly sharp challenge in thought leadership. You are supposed to bring new ideas to the marketplace. So where are they? We can help you turn your strategy and product plans into a story that you can tell in different forms. We will help you prepare your core presentations (corporate/investor, sales), important white papers detailing your views and technology and a set of issues that you can develop via blogs, contributed articles and other media.


What’s your story?