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Intel President at Digitizing Europe

How does the digital economy work in Europe? Or does it? These were the questions that then-Intel President Renee James was asked to ponder at a forum of European leaders attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and a few hundred of her closest friends. Many thanks to our good friends at Silverstein & Associates for bringing us into this project.

NY Times CTO and “Time to Value”

In a time of digital transformations, many things must change but managers have to be smart about what’s working and what’s not. It’s been likened to changing the tires on a race car while speeding around the track. CenturyLink asked us to interview Jonathan Murray, then-CTO of the New York Times about how to approach these situations.

The Journey to Government Modernization

Executives need to frame their ideas in ways that resonate with a wide audience of really busy people. Marty is a joy to work with and appreciates a good road trip.

Simplifying complexity

Core technology companies often deal with a wide range of product and technical information with specifications and use cases that overlap by design. But, that can make it hard for customers to understand which widget they should buy – and even difficult for the field sales force to know what widget they should sell. Sometimes, you just have to ask the right questions, like NXP Semiconductor’s Freescale unit.

Digital Imperatives – eBook

The whole notion of what constitutes a “book” has evolved rapidly. Here, CenturyLink tells the story of digital transformation in different industries.

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