In a race to the future, the best ideas win – Thought Leadership for a changing world

Thought Leadership Research

What issues should you claim? What are your competitors doing? Are you consistent and compelling?

Executive Communications

Do you have a speech coming up? What do you have to say? Do you write with a leadership voice?

Content Marketing Strategy

Is your content compelling? Is it aligned with your corporate strategy? Does your audience care about the issues you’ve chosen?


What’s your story? What problem do you solve? Why should anyone care?


Lead The Conversation

Thought Leadership is key to staying ahead of the competition in today’s marketplace of ideas. It’s not just about internet clicks. It’s about crafting a compelling story that hits a nerve and makes people take notice.

You’re competing to establish a vision of the future that compels your key audiences to buy in. Buy-in results from aligning key components of effective Thought Leadership. If these elements are out of alignment, you have strategic gaps that will impair executive communications, content marketing and corporate positioning.

We take a programmatic view of Thought Leadership, aligning everything from the Big Idea to any individual piece of content – because in a race to the future, the best ideas win.

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A Changing World

My Latest Thoughts

Let’s Talk: Spectre, Meltdown signs of Andy Grove’s Strategic Inflection Point

It’s been a month or so since Spectre and Meltdown first entered the public conversation. It seems we can’t stop talking about these potential security issues baked into the major microprocessor architectures that run, well, everything. Understandably, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and Advanced Micro Devices CEO Lisa Su have both had to address the problems…

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Thought leadership trends 2018

Are you tired of 2018 Trend posts yet? Hope not. This blog will differ from some of the other trend forecasts in meaningful ways, however. This post is about what 2018 might sound like when we listen to visionaries, read thoughtful blogs or experience the best of content marketing. Forecasting thought leadership trends is not…

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Blog Image - Critical Communications

This post is not about Uber…Really

The Internet does not need another post describing Travis Kalanick, a toxic Uber culture, an investor revolt, or even a thoughtful version of all of those issues. So, if that’s what you want…move along, these are not the droids you’re looking for. we need to separate harassment and ethical abuses in all forms from the concept of…

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